Official Online Georgia Premarital Education All Video Program: $17.97 per Couple. New Lower Price!

Save Money on Your Marriage License and Improve Your Odds Against Divorce!

$17.97 Per Couple: We Make Saving Money on Your Marriage License and Improving Your Relationship Easy and Fun

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Course Instructions and Components

Get Course Access Instructions and Learn about the 5 Components of Our 6 Hour Georgia Premarital Online Course


Benefits of Taking a Premarital Course

Research finds that premarital courses have been proven to increase the likelihood of having a successful marriage and lowering the chances of divorce.


Geting My Certificate

In Georgia one must present a notarized certificate to their court house to get credit for the course.  We will get your certificate notarized and mailed to you.


Our Course Is Different

Our course is the only one in Georgia designed by a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert


Our Customers Rave About Our Georgia Premarital Course!

“Great Course. This course was very Informative and prepares couples for marriage.”

Anna J.

“I recommend taking this course. It gives good pointers and the fact it is online is convenient.”“

Eric B.

“The course is helpful and saves you money on your marriage license.”

John C.

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