Georgia Premarital Counseling

Georgia Premarital Education Program Online Course, $17.97 per Couple

Georgia Premarital Counseling

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What better way is there to receive Georgia Premarital Counseling than to receive it online and for $20.00 per couple. Certainly there is no better way. In fact, when you complete our Georgia Premarital Education Program which is a premarital counseling course, you will save more than 50% on your Georgia marriage license. With that type of savings you will actually be receiving free premarital counseling and a deeply discounted marriage license.

Our fully only Georgia premarital counseling course covers various topics from understanding what makes up a healthy adult marriage to understanding you and your partner’s emotional needs Also, you will learn what your Myers Briggs personality profile and the profile of you partner and explore how these personalities work together as well as how these differences and similarities create some difficulty for you. Further you will learn about managing conflict and crises as well as how to manage and discuss financial matters together. The course is entirely self paced and ┬átypically takes six hours to complete. Some people spend less time while other spend more time. Once you have completed the online premarital counseling sections and complete the activity in each section, you both will work though a quiz together.

Thousands of couples from Florida and Georgia have taken the course already and have found it to be easy, informative, and fun. Do not worry. We have streamlined the whole process.

We are so excited that you are considering completing our Georgia Premarital Counseling Course, also known as the Georgia Premarital Education Program. If you have any questions about our Georgia premarital counseling services we can be reached at 904-379-8094 or at

In addition to online premarital counseling, Skype Facetime, and telephone formats of premarital counseling are also available if you want a more personal experience. Our primary office is located in North Florida. We certainly welcome you to travel to see us for face to face premarital counseling or we can make special arrangements to travel to you if you and your partner are so inclined.

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