Significant Meanings of a Partnership

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Significant Meanings of a Partnership

January 12, 2023 Georgia Premarital Counseling Georgia Premarital Program Announcements and News 0

Take our $17.97 premarital course and save money on your Georgia marriage license! We here at D’Arienzo Psychology are excited to help you take this next step toward marital happiness and success, and want to help deepen your relationship with your future spouse. Keep reading for tips and Dr. D’Arienzo’s definition of the Significant Meanings of a Partnership:  

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The final part of the Sound Relationship House is where we support each other’s goals and aspirations while acknowledging each other’s importance. As we build friendships, engage our spouses positively, and overcome disagreements, we prepare for this final element. This element includes sharing rituals, goals, roles, and symbols with each other.

  • Rituals: Finding shared rituals is important. Rituals bring us together, give us security, and provide us with an activity that we look forward to. Ask yourself what type of rituals you would consider creating with your partner. What are the rituals that you engage in within your family? Do you eat dinner together, are there special celebrations that you all value, do you share values regarding television, education, time spent together?

  • Objectives: Successful couples have shared goals and ambitions for their lives and the partnership, just as it is crucial to have established rituals. In order for a relationship to be successful, both partners’ and their own personal aspirations must be supported. Do you and your spouse respect each other’s ambitions, share the same financial objectives, have comparable aspirations for your lives, give each other credit for your successes, and are your life pathways compatible?

  • Roles: In an effective and functional relationship, each person has an agreed upon role or roles that are supported by the other. Ask yourself, do you support each other in your role in the family, does one of you have an expectation that you hold a particular role that is not shared by the other? How does this impact your relationship?

  • Symbols: People in a functioning relationship comprehend the significance of their partner’s use of symbols and elements of daily life. It is important that we grasp what the following signify to our spouse even though we do not necessarily need to understand or interpret symbols in the same way. It’s also crucial to respect the significance and realism of our partner’s use of these symbols rather than just appreciating them. The home, money, the significance of family, the function of sex, fun and play, trust, individual freedom, autonomy, sharing power, and adventure are a few examples of important symbols.

Taking a premarital education course is vital for equipped couples to share a lifetime of marital bliss and happiness. D’Arienzo Psychology wants to help you prepare for your life together. Dr. Justin D’Arienzo is our Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert. Dr. D’Arienzo has serviced this course to couples since 2013. Hundreds of couples recommend our course and claim that it has helped set a solid foundation for marital success. Research suggests that couples who take a premarital preparation course gain an advantage over couples that do not take a premarital preparation course.

Dr. D’Arienzo wanted to develop a fully efficient, online, fully automated, fun premarital course that teaches couples how to work together. Dr. D’Arienzo has perfected all of our exercises and information to ensure that couples gain the knowledge they need.  He also offers this course to couples planning on tying the knot in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

Do you want to lead a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime? Do you want to have fun and gain inside knowledge about marriage from a leading psychologist? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Georgia Online Premarital Education Course is right for you! You can learn more about our Georgia Online Premarital Preparation Course Here.


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