Our Course Is Different

Georgia Premarital Education Program Online Course, $17.97 per Couple

Our Course Is Different!

Nowhere else in Georgia will you find an online course that was designed by a clinical and forensic psychologist with nearly two decades working with families, children, and married and divorced couples. Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, in his Online Georgia Premarital Education Program Course, synthesizes and encapsulates the best clinically based relationship information for you in an easy to understand and remember format that will surely improve your chances of marital success. Our course is completely online and is self paced. It typically takes couples approximately six hours to complete from start to finish. Some have been known to finish it sooner.

In addition to being a clinical and forensic psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. D’Arienzo also is a Certified Family Mediator and Qualified Minister. His approach is both clinical and spiritual.

Dr. D

Dr. D’Arienzo’s Ordination Certificate

Dr. D'Arienzo's Ordination Certificate

Again, Dr. D’Arienzo’s Georgia Online Premarital Counseling Course qualifies Georgia residents to save at least half of the cost of their Georgia marital license. Once you complete the course, a notarized certificate will be sent to you within one business day.


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