Getting My Georgia Premarital Counseling Certificate

Georgia Premarital Education Program Online Course, $17.97 per Couple

Getting My Georgia Premarital Counseling Certificate

First, we want to thank you for considering taking out psychologist developed online Georgia premarital counseling course. Know that we have been providing online premarital courses for over five years and have figured out how to provide the service in a cost effective and personally efficient manner. We have found that receiving an official certificate in a timely manner is usually of concern.  We have streamlined this process as well, and we make getting your Georgia Premarital Counseling Certificate so easy for you.

A notarized certificate will be sent to you once you complete our online six hour Georgia premarital course and complete the quiz at the end of the program. Once you complete the quiz with your partner, we are automatically and electronically notified of this completion, and we will send you, in a stamped envelope, an official notarized copy of the certificate, within one business day.

Unfortunately, Georgia does not permit us to send you an electronic copy of the document because the Georgia premarital certificate must be notarized, which again, we will do for you at our office, as soon as you complete the quiz at the end of the program.

We have attached a copy of the Official Georgia Premarital Education Program Certificate HERE

If you have any questions about our online counseling program please contact our office at 904-379-8094.

We understand getting married is a daunting yet exciting process, and we hope that by taking our course, you will not only save money on your Georgia marriage license but that you will also get to know your partner even better and learn to improve your relationship skills as well.

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